Qasim al-Ju'i

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Al-Qasim ibn 'Uthman al-Ju'i 'alayhi al-rahmah wal-ridwan (d.248H / 862CE)

One of the great saints of Damascus who took hadith from Sufyan ibn 'Uyayna. Ibn al-Jawzi relates in 'Sifat al-safwa' that al-Ju'i explained that he got the name al-Ju'i ('of the hunger') because Allah had strengthened him against physical hunger by means of spiritual hunger. He said:

Even if I were left one month without food I would not care. O' Allah, you have done this with me: Therefore complete it for me!

SHAMS AL-DIN AL-DHAHABI writes about him in 'Siyar a'lam al-nubala':

Al-'Abdi, known as Qasim al- Ju'i: The Imam, the exemplar, the saint, the Muhaddith... the Shaykh of the Sufis and the friend of Ahmad ibn al-Hawari. (al-imam al-qudwa al- wali al-muhaddith Abu 'Abd Al-Malik Al-Qasim ibn 'Uthman al-'Abdi al- Dimashqi, Shaykh as-sufiyya wa rafiq Ahmad ibn al-Hawari,'urifa bi al- Ju'i). 

Ibn al-Jawzi also relates that Ibn Abu Hatim al-Razi said:

I entered Damascus to see the transcribers of hadith. I passed by Qasim al-Ju'i's circle and saw a large crowd sitting around him as he spoke. I approached and heard him say:

Do without others in your life in five matters:
  • If you are present among people, don't be known;
  • If you are absent, don't be missed;
  • If you know something, your advice is unsought;
  • If you say something, your words are rejected;
  • If you do something, you receive no credit for it.
I advise you five other things as well:
  • If you are wronged, do not reciprocate it;
  • If you are praised, don't be glad;
  • If you are blamed, don't be distraught;
  • If you are called liar, don't be angry;
  • If you are betrayed, don't betray in return.
Ibn Abu Hatim said: 'I made these words all the benefit I got from visiting Damascus.'

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